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Photographs from "Portfolio" Section of this website*:
* Many other images are also available.  Please contact us for additional inventory)

1-001 Two Women, Machapuchare, Nepal
1-002 Blue Louvre, Paris
1-003 Bicycles, Yangshuo, China
1-004 Moon & Crosses, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico 
1-005 Boats, Hiroshima, Japan
1-006 Stairwell, Jutland Lighthouse, Denmark
1-007 Temple Pond, Suzhou, China
1-008 Stonehenge, England
1-009 Zabriskie Point, Death Valley
1-010 Kalalau Valley, Kauai, Hawaii

GALLERY 2: Photographs from THE SOUL AFLAME
2-001 Girl in Boat Window, Mandalay, Burma
2-002 Kalu Rinpoche, Darjeeling, India
2-003 Mother & Child, Imperial Palace, Beijing, China
2-004 Girl in Doorway, Oaxaca, Mexico
2-005 Tibetan Monk, near Pokhara, Nepal
2-006 El Molo Tribe, Kenya
2-007 Gabe on the Seaview, Bahamas
2-008 Old Man, Yangshuo, China
2-009 Boy on Bicycle, Jogyakarta, Indonesia
2-010 Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

3-001 Man with Prayer Shawl, Judean Desert, Israel
3-002 Bet She'an, Israel
3-003 Running Boy, Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
3-004 Stones on Stones, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel
3-005 Three Men at Prayer, Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
3-006 Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy
3-007 Masks, Venice, Italy
3-008 Gondolier, Venice, Italy
3-009 Underbridge, Venice, Italy
3-010 Michaelangelo's Slave, Academia, Florence, Italy

4-001 Steps, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
4-002 Guanajuato Tunnel, Guanajuato, Mexico
4-003 Bars, Will Rogers School, Santa Monica, California
4-004 Wall, Kathmandu, Nepal
4-005 Rooftops, Abstract #2, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
4-006 Terminal Annex #3, Los Angeles, California
4-007 Terminal Annex #2, Los Angeles, California 
4-008 Pillars, Santa Monica, California
4-009 Foot, Suzhou, China
4-010 Paro Family Group on Terraces, Paro Valley, Bhutan

* Many other images are also available.  Please contact us for updated inventory.




NISHMAT TZEDEK, A Righteous Soul

A Book and Compact Disc Set
A Choral Symphony by Meir Finkelstein
Photographs by Eric Lawton
Inspirational Writings by Contemporary Jewish Thinkers
Executive Produced by Chayim Frenkel

Eric Lawton's third book of photographs is available by calling toll free 1.877.570.5548 or from the website †††††††††††††††††††(hotlink directly to website:




Publisher's book description:

Nishmat Tzedek, A Righteous Soul, is a book and compact disc set dedicated to the victims of terrorism in Israel and around the world. Nishmat Tzedek  takes listeners on a poignant musical journey and its companion book is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. Through the universal language of music, in images and in words, this multidimensional work expresses our desire to offer comfort and hope to the grieving families, and to let them know they are neither forgotten nor alone.

Comprised of a moving, new choral symphony by world renowned composer Meir Finkelstein and a book featuring breathtaking images of Israel by award-winning photographer Eric Lawton, with inspirational writings by distinguished thinkers  and philosophers including Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel and artist Judy Chicago, Nishmat Tzedek  is a gift of the heart to the families who have lost loved ones to terrorism in Israel since September 2000.  A set is being donated free of charge to each of the victims' families.

While the families of terror victims receive financial assistance from the Israeli government, emotional support is harder to come by. The Jerusalem-based Terror Victims Association provides victimís families with services including counseling, youth programs such as "Big Brother-Big Sister" matching and summer camp, social gatherings and outings, babysitting and food preparation for hospitalized victims, organizing public memorials, and lobbying on behalf of victims and their families.

We invite you to support this meaningful project, obtain copies of "Nishmat Tzedek" for your own family, friends, and loved ones, and participate in the healing process for the more than 800 families who have lost loved ones to terrorism in the past three years.  We hope that you will join us in offering the healing power of music, poetry and art to help relieve their suffering, and offer them hope on their road to recovery.

To order and learn more about Nishmat Tzedek,  please visit our website at (hotlink: There you may view the photographs, sample audio excerpts, read an introduction, and place orders. Nishmat Tzedek  is available for a donation of $50 per compact disc and book set, plus shipping and handling ($35 of each donation is tax deductible).  Donations will defray the costs of production and distribution to the families in Israel, and provide funds to support the important work of the Terror Victims Association.

Visit or call toll-free 1.877.570.4458 
(hotlink directly to website:

A nonprofit project of Kehillat Israel Congregation of Pacific Palisades, California




(Conari Press & Raincoast Books, Edited by Phil Cousineau), Eric Lawton's second book of photographs, is available at AMAZON.COM

(hotlink directly to The Soul Aflame on THE SOUL AFLAME)




Publisher's book description:

A dramatic and soul-stirring book, The Soul Aflame, with photographs by Eric Lawton and edited by Phil Cousineau, bestselling author of The Art of Pilgrimage, is a contemporary version of a medieval book of hours--a classical device for "making holy the hours." The mystery of the soul's relationship with the source of creativity is explored in an inspirational blend of brilliant color photographs with the wisdom of the ages in this 'pocket cathedral' of meditative writings from around the world. 

Photographs from around the world are paired with thought-provoking passages by diverse thinkers, including Henry David Thoreau, Albert Einstein, Martha Graham, Elie Wiesel, Hildegard von Bingen, Black Elk, Emily Dickinson, Nikos Kazantzakis, Albert Schweitzer, Paul Dunbar, Rumi, and many more. Poets, diplomats, mystics, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, scientists, philosophers, painters and other creative artists reflect on the burning passion of the creative soul.

A sequel to Cousineau and
Lawton's bestselling The Soul of the World, this photographic and poetic book speaks to our desire for a profound and powerful connection between body and soul, and explores the mystery of the creative process. 





(HarperCollins, Edited by Phil Cousineau), Eric Lawton's first book of photographs, may be purchased on 

(hotlink directly to The Soul of the World on THE SOUL OF THE WORLD)




Publisher's book description:

"Contemplation of beauty is the consolation of the world." -- from the Introduction 

A collaboration between a writer/poet and a photographer, The Soul of the World speaks to our desire for connection and celebration by contemporizing the medieval book of hours--a classical device for "making holy the hours."

Photographs from around the world--from sunrise in Darjeeling to midnight in Santa Fe--are paired with eclectic passages by diverse thinkers, including Lao Tzu, Sappho, Hildegard of Beigen, John Keats, Langston Hughes, Anna Akmatova, Jorge Luis Borges, Gary Snyder, Rosario Castellanos, David Brower, and many more.

Winner of Communication Arts' Award of Excellence for Photography Book Series.



Eric Lawton's short stories are included in these Conari Press Anthologies:

SOUL MOMENTS (Edited by Phil Cousineau), available at bookstores everywhere or at AMAZON.COM (hotlink directly to for SOUL MOMENTS). 

THE ART OF PILGRIMAGE (Edited by Phil Cousineau), available at bookstores everywhere or at AMAZON.COM (hotlink directly to for THE ART OF PILGRIMAGE).



Eric Lawton has an extensive stock photography library of thousands of images from over 80 countries around the world, including Asia, the Orient, the South Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the United States.  Please contact us or use the form above to inquire or place an order.

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